Coffee Chronicles

Travesía  through Colombia


Where does the Travesía begins?

In the streets of Bogota, around the corner, in Chapinero, in La Candelaria. And it leaves to go across the country.


To look out for the stories behind the softest coffee in the world and to tell them in a book of chronicles, of tales: in the end, a project which we want you to be part of.


Buy the book today or donate in our Crowdfunding and help to fund this new journey, this Travesía.

The Project


A book of tales, of chronicles, of stories (in Spanish… for now)


We want to share with the readers the experience of going across the country discovering the tales behind the coffee growers. In the end, as Colombians, our own history.


The book will be the final product, sure, but we will be revealing this journey in a blog step by step, photo by photo, as it opens to us and we discover it.

Our motivation!

Make a record of the human value behind every coffee grain; the human value that identifies hundreds of thousands of coffee growers’ families and a whole country.



Six months, ten departments, countless buses, roads, farms, families, cultures and stories. We will go as far as a backpack can get us.


About the funding? Well, it is about you and us and everyone. You can buy the book today and receive it in a few months, or donate on Crowdfunding, or both. Or simply sharing our posts with someone you think will enjoy this journey!  


… and get it when we publish it!


Help to fund the Travesía and be a part of it.


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