Mateguaduas (Libano)

Coffee from El Líbano in Tolima, located in the South-West of Colombia. Omar Arango's coffees are 100 % organic, and he focuses his production on the exotic flavors and varietals.


Variety: Typica FSL (Finca San Luis)

Altitude: 1650 mts.

Process: Honey

Flavor Notes: Spicy, floral, honey, roses, orange blossom. With a silky body and citric acidity.


All of our coffees are being traded directly with the farmer ensuring a fair trade, where the farmer receives at least 25% of the prices you pay. This way, we can provide quality and consistency in every bag of coffee, and improve the quality of life of the Colombian coffee farmers. 


We are continuously roasting to offer fresh coffee so that you can enjoy the most amazing flavors and aromas of the Colombian coffee. 

Mateguaduas (Libano)

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