The Specialty Coffee Journey (Travesía)

It is a privilege to be Colombian, to be born in the country of coffee. But you need to know, it is not easy to find good coffee inside Colombia, our economic system have created several institutions that prevented Colombians to be the ones that enjoy the experience of drinking the most special (soft) coffee in the world. However, there where a few, that around two decades ago, defied the traditional industry of coffee and created their own Specialty Colombian Coffee Companies for Colombians. And Travesía Coffee is born to give the people behind coffee the recognition they deserve.

Coffee growers, commercials, exporters, roasters, baristas and consumers, are all part of the coffee journey; but only a few times all the people is mentioned in the coffee story or history.

Besides from the brand on the coffee you drink, and the few things why you prefer it, it's possible you don't have more information on what is behind the coffee cup. Probably its unnecessary knowledge, but I can assure, you are missing an exciting journey of feelings and sensations, that will take to love coffee even more.

Personally, I did miss the whole experience on coffee for the bigger part of my life. However a few years ago, I found myself trying the best espresso I've ever had; and I felt the urgency of knowing where did it came from and how it was possible to get so many flavors in just an ounce of coffee? Back then I started my coffee journey!

This is the story behind Travesía. A company build from passion, to share the best experiences. And this blog is here to let let you know all about Specialty Coffee in Colombia, with stories from the smallest farms to the biggest coffee shops, and from baristas to all the coffee lovers out there.

I invite you to follow us in this travesía (journey) and share with us all the experiences that coffee have for you.

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