Tune Thursday - Morning coffee

Hello everyone! And welcome to the new music section of this blog. What we are going to present in here, is a nice recommendation on music for all the coffee lovers. This tunes will assure you more much fun having your coffee drink.

Each Thursday, we will be posting a new 8-song-playlist, based on a mood, genre, or whatever we feel like sharing For our first Tune Thursday, on the Travesía Sounds section, we will share with you the following playlist. Created for the moment you´re brewing your first morning coffee cup at home. Because this is probably the first thing you do when you wake up (hey, we are all coffee lovers here!), you are probably sleepy. And we know, that setting the coffeemaker, French press, Chemex or whichever brewing method you prefer, could take long, if you are eager for coffee. That's why think that music can help you out while you patiently wait for the perfect brew. Then, these songs have been selected to help you waking up, chill and yet energize, while you get ready for your day with the right foot and right cup of coffee.

1. The Velvet Underground – I´ll be your mirror 2. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Home 3. Vampire Weekend – Oxford comma 4. Vance Joy – Fire and the flood 5. Alpine – Hands 6. Throw me the statue – Waving at the shore 7. Classixx – Holding on 8. MIKA – We are golden

You can listen to the playlist on the followng Spotify link Travesía Sounds 1.

Or just look on Spotify for Travesia Souns 1

We hope you enjoy it!

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