Coffee Taste at Café Unión

After discovering Specialty Coffee, you will always feel the need to explore more of this world. When someone tells you there is an infinite world of fragrances, aromas and flavors yet to discover, you want to become the discoverer.

Feeling the passion every barista puts into their work, makes it easy to fall in love for coffee and all that it involves. Meeting the farmers, roasters and baristas in the specialty coffee scene becomes part of your life and each person has something interesting to say or to debate; because the world of coffee is always changing and evolving, that is why the speech stays forever interesting. While meeting all this people, you may find some that change your perspective, and Hernán is one of them.

Hernán is the owner and head barista from Café Unión, a place founded to become the union (as the name implies) of Colombian coffees and people. With Hernán's lead, this coffee bar has become more than my regular place to drink my morning coffee, is a place where you can find and discover a new world, share stories, discuss your opinions, meet interesting people and deepen your knowledge.

I was lucky to get invited by Hernán to participate in one of Unión's Coffee Tastes. Even though it wasn't my first coffee taste, I was able to discover a lot of new things and enjoy the experience more than the previous times. Hernán, as the moderator of the coffee taste, introduces the world of tasting in the simplest way, everyone around the table could immerse in the activity, without the technicality that implies the process.

The taste started with the discovering of flavor in water, we you can properly distinct between the flavors that activate each corner of your mouth. It was very enlighten, no matter if your already new what kind of flavors each part of your tongue can read, to find out there is a way you can feel with much intensity, I must say, is very cool. After that, spotting flavors in coffee becomes easy.

When we started the proper taste with coffees, I had a revelation: to found out the enormous distance in quality between coffees, and how they can be described by your senses, is just amazing. I had clarity in which coffees where of better quality, and I had created my own scale of grades to organize them; but with the awakening of my senses that induced that coffee taste, I can secure the connection with your feelings, when you try really good coffee is overwhelming and it could be used as a tool to discover quality. From there, you can start selecting your every day coffee, not just by quality, but by taste, your own taste. And you can translate this practices to everything you eat or drink.

I highly recommend you this experience, not only to learn how to properly taste coffee, but to find out that coffee goes beyond aromas and flavors. To start enjoying what you drink furthermore and feel each sip from head to toe!

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