Tune Thursday - Female voices on a rainy day

Hello! This week’s playlist is inspired on the recent almost-endless rainy days in Bogota, from where this blog is based from.

The songs I have selected have some melancholic feeling. Because rainy days somehow make us feel a little bit blue (but melancholic doesn't necessarily means sad or slow!). However, the best way to enjoy this playlist is wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket or going to your favorite coffee shop and sit beside a window, watching the drops of water fall, drinking (of course!) a cup of the best Colombian coffee:

  1. Frankie Cosmos – Young

  2. Sky Ferreira – Everything is Embarrassing

  3. Florence Welch – Postcards from Italy (Beirut cover)

  4. Ani Difranco – 32 Flavors

  5. Catherine Feeney – Mr. Blue

  6. Joanna Newsom – The book of right on

  7. La Sera – Never come around

  8. Feist – Mushaboom


Spotify playlist in: Travesía Sounds 2

Sadly for us, the Florence Welch and Joanna Newsom songs, are not yet on Spotify :( but you can click on the song to listen them on YouTube ;)

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