Coffee Date at SCH

Going on a first date, could be challenging. You never know where to go, how to choose a place that both can enjoy, it's even more difficult if it is a blind date. But I have come with the solution for all of you. Coffee is always a good idea. But not any coffee, if you go to an Specialty Coffee Shop, you´re certain you´ll have a good time.

We can all agree that coffee helps on starting a conversation, but specialty coffee has a natural (magic) property to let people talk for hours (it's possible that the reason for this, is that this kind of coffee tastes good, even when is cold). The ambiance on a coffee shop is ideal to take someone on a first date: the music is always good (selected to enjoy even more your coffee), and the seats are confortable, meaning you can stay seated for a long time, talking and drinking coffee.

Now I'm going to talk from experience. Once I was briefly introduced to a girl. My first impression: she was beautiful, but we did not have the chance to talk much that first time. However I asked for her number, not knowing if that was the purpose for the introduction. Few days later I called to ask her on a date, that she accepted by asking Where? and When?

I chose one of my favorites places in Bogota, Social Coffee House (SCH), and asked her to go on Thursday afternoon.

The day of the date, I arrived first, and, while waiting for the big sofa to be empty, I talked with the Barista.

What is special about SCH is the goal of the owners and baristas. They are looking to expand specialty coffee culture in Bogota and bringing people that work in this industry close together. They are like no other coffee shop, in their shop they are welcoming all specialty coffee brands you could fin in Colombia, and in this matter it has become a place to really discover your favorite coffee, between the best there are. It is really a place to be social about coffee.

My date arrived, she looked even more beautiful than I remembered (maybe was the magic properties in the espresso I had, while waiting. Very good by the way). After ordering a blue bottle brew, with coffee from Popayan, we seated on the sofa. The coffee was very good, that good, that conversation started on this subject. We kept talking for several hours, until the place was close.

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