Bakery's Specialty Coffee

I realized, few months ago, that if we (Specialty Coffee Enthusiasts) want to promote the production and consumption of better quality coffee, we should overpass the premise that only Specialty Coffee Shops/Bars are the places where you are able to find the good quality coffee.

It's common that Bakeries also are places made to enjoy a cup of coffee. However, not being coffee the specialty of this shops, it tends to be a low quality product. And if you can't enjoy a nice almond croissant with a good cup of coffee, is a mistake, like not being able to combine a good piece of meat with a good bottle of wine.

Lucky me, I have found a place with both good qualities. A very nice craft bakery, with an small coffee bar, serving fresh bread and specialty coffee; and I'm even more lucky that this place is just a few blocks from home. This place is Panacleta, and I recommend you to go, ask for any of the pastry exhibit and a dripper of one of the Colombian origin coffees to accompany. When you have tried this mix, you will discover a new world of sensations, like mixing a fruity flavored coffee form Huila, with a dark Swiss chocolate; through this experience you can open your palate to new experiences.

I think, that in the same way that coffee shops take the time to find which pastry goes better with their coffee, bakeries should do the same, and find the coffee that improves the flavors on their primary product, and hire proper baristas to promote a better coffee consumption. For now I want to invite you to go to Panacleta, and discover how important it is getting the best of both worlds.

Coffee is always a good idea!

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