Tune Thursday - New songs that feel old

Back in the 80's, most people drank instant coffee because it was the easiest way to obtain a cup without much effort. Most of the coffee machines from that time were designed to produce several cups of coffee and the methods for single coffee cups, were either difficult to find or required to much steps, that people weren't encourage enough to do. By the same time, the first automatic drip home coffee making machines where released by Mr. Coffee brand, and they became very popular and successful home brewing method and also portable, with a good taste.

Probably, you also have an automatic coffee maker at home, which allows you to multitask, (read a book o listen to this wonderful playlist) while waiting for your coffee to pour!

The playlist I've created for this week is a selection of modern songs, that when I listen to them I felt they sound like they where from the 80's. Is a perfect companion to celebrate the automatic coffee machines. Even though there are more professional or craft brewing methods, that with the right filters and freshly grounded coffee, will give you a higher quality taste without doubt; we just love if you drink and love coffee.

So here is the music! Travesía Sounds 5

Enjoy! (Don´t forget to start the machine)

Wave Machines – I go I go I go

Junior Senior – Move your feet

Classixx – All you’re waiting for

Empire of the sun – Walking on a dream

Blood Orange – You’re not good enough

Bruno Mars - Treasure

Lucius - Born again teen

Bleachers - I wanna get better

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