Tune Thursday - Songs to listen while traveling alone

As some of you might know, I am a Venezuelan living in Bogotá, Colombia since 2013. Being the third highest producer in the world (with 11.5 million bags), and the highest in arabica bean, coffee here is a big deal. In Bogotá, you can find coffee shops almost everywhere; and what I like the most, is that you can easily find places that sell special coffee, which includes all sort of preparations you ought to discover making a Travesía Coffee tour ;)

I had never tried this coffee before I came to live here, because even though Venezuelan coffee is good too, there is no "special coffee culture", like the one you might find here in Colombia. From the first time I tried this coffee, I became interested in learning more about it, and even though I’m still not an expert like Alejandro or Carlos, I’m on my travel to knowledge! Alone yet accompanied, like this playlist, which is meant to be your companion (along with a coffee) if you are traveling alone. These songs are smooth and sweet, and some include folk sounds by violins or trumpets, creating very interesting melodies

The Dodos – Bob

Silvia Perez Cruz – My dog

Father John Misty – The memo

Frightened Rabbit – Keep yourself warm

Fanfarlo – Ghosts

Jinja Safari – Head in a blender

The Head and the Heart – Down in the Valley

Andrew Bird - Tables and chairs

Listen the playlist here:


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