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Hi! This week's post is dedicated to a brewing method that is relatively easy to do yet not so popular in this area of the world (west). This is the Turkish coffee method: it consists in placing an ibrik (turkish pot) full of water on the stove, waiting for it to heat, add a scoop of coffee and another scoop of sugar. When water is hot enough, begin to stir several times until foam forms, and serve! Two important remarks: NEVER let the water boil and use a special grinder capable of leaving the coffee beans as fine as possible. I tried this coffee at my actual work at the Embassy of Palestine in Bogota, so I can give testimony of how delicious it is. You can also add cardamom to taste!

If you dare to try this coffee, make sure to be listening to the right music (in a western style):

Rostam - Gwan

Beirut - Nantes

Baio - Sister of pearl

Ra ra riot feat. Rostam - Water

Houndmouth - Sedona

Metronomy - The look

Animal Collective - Tantrum barb

Full playlist on Spotify:

Travesía Sounds Turkish Coffee

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