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It seems like today, for companies to let their employees telecommute rather than go to the office everyday and sit on a desk for an 8 hour shift, is getting very popular; and for millennials to begin their own companies or any sort of entrepreneurship (like Travesía!). So, every time I go to a café I see more and more people working on their computers, tablets, cellphones or having work-related meetings.

This is a pretty good idea, if you want my opinion. People feels more relaxed, probably more confortable and without that pressure that working on an office brings. Hence, workers are more productive. 

In that matter, this playlists was made to help you focus on your ideas while working @ a café, while enjoying a good cup of coffee!

Rhye - The fall

Julia Holter - In the same room

Jai Paul - BTSTU

Passion Pit - Constant conversations

Opus Orange - Crystal clear

(Sandy) Alex G - Proud

Fleet foxes - Grown ocean

Monogold - Spirit or something

Complete playlist at Spotify:

Travesía Sounds Work @ a café

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