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Have you ever though what makes coffee so popular? It's a beverage that is affordable for everyone, has multiple presentations/flavors/brewing methods, is versatile, has a style for every lifestyle, it can be prepared very fast, is delicious and is all over the world. Not only coffee is popular for this reasons, but also a whole coffee culture has been created and most of us are immersed into it even without knowing.

You probably have a coffee maker/coffee cups at home and certainly at least a coffee machine at your office; and if you don't, I'm 99% sure you have a café just around the corner and the first place that pops to your head when you want to sit, work, meet a friend or just relax, is a coffee shop. We have been taught to be productive, to rely on coffee to get a boost (even though a cup of coffee only has 0,1% of caffeine), to "get married" to a brand; of course coffee is not bad, but it is nice to think about it beyond a daily routine or a cup from a crappy vending coffee machine at work. Is important that we keep our minds open to try different brewing methods and different origins, and that we always give our bodies (and mind) a good quality cup (and good quality music, as follows):

Link to the full spotify playlist: Travesía Sounds - Good Quality

Keep Shelly in Athens - Cremona memories

Teen Daze - June 2010

Slow Magic - Corvette Cassette

Washed out - New Theory

Memoryhouse - To the lighthouse (Millionyoung remix)

Neon Indian - Deadbeat summer

Tycho - Awake (Com Truise remix)

Millionyoung - Hammock

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