Our mission is to help people to discover the best specialty coffees and how to taste them. You could say it's a walking taste!

But it does not stop there, we are also eager to give you all the information on the coffee you are drinking from the farm to the cup. History of Colombian coffee and some relevant economic data of this new industry in Colombia.

detailed information

Starting point:

La Candelaria tour:

El Chorro de Quevedo Square.

Chapinero tour:

Arranged in the booking.

Length: 2 to 3 hours.

Cost of the tour:

La Candelaria: 25 U$D

Chapinero: 25 U$D

Language: English, Spanish.

(French is also available if requested on the booking).

Distance: within 10 blocks.


We work in a close relationship with all the coffee shops we've selected, and we seek to give them the recognition they deserve.

Coffee is a permanent journey, and we hope to be part of yours. 


Please fill this form with your questions or requests. We will be happy to answer!

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